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Sying Tan
And so the Japan trip was super fun! People who have added me on Facebook would have seen the photos i've uploaded! Manage to get down to Tokyo dome to purchase the beloved Arashi bag, cellphone strap, poster, badge and a kids uchiwa of their faces! shuu38 also got me a Keikarou cellphone strap + a red teddy with crystals all over it and it was so pretty and nice! Its hanging on my blackberry now! :)

Took time off work for the last two weeks and I have so much work to catch up now! In a few more days its gonna be the NEXT YEAR! how scary is it?!?!?! Gonna be back home soon and more fangirling with shuu38 soon! :) 5 x10 concert dvd in the weekend was ggguuuddddd, cant wait to earn lotsa money to go holiday and concert in Japan next year! Hope flumpool will have a concert tour during the same period Arashi-chan have their concert and i can go and watch them too. Being a fangirl is hard demo happy!

AND JUNNOSUKE'S HAIR IS MEGA LOVE. I WANNA HAVE HIS BABIES. (roll eyeballs cos i know alot of people out there would also want to....)


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Love this trashy song! It was played on Jun style on 16th October! I bet they dont censor the "fucking fat bitch" or the "motherfuckers" or the "nigga" or the "how the fuck" or the "fuck my nemesis" or "you're a simple bitch". hahahhah awesome dance hit. wonder how would Jun feel when he knows the true meaning of the lyrics!

Exams starts next next week & OMG IM GOING TO TOKYO IN LIKE 3 WEEK'S TIME. DAMN IM SUPER EXCITED. I GOTTA START STUDYING!! Wanna get Flumpool's calendar but it says you gotta be POOLSIDE member to get it. IM LIKE HUH?! i want it! : ( 
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 Listening to Arashi's Monsutaa at 2.30am just made my tension high high HIGH! im watching the music video and and <3 i missed those boys. Sometimes i just fade in and out of obsession. Dont know why also. Thats what happen when im busy doing things........ Piano in the morning. I dont know why the piano fever sorta died BUT i still wanna play since im learning it alr might as well make the best outta it right. SHIT. im talking like this is my private blog. 

OKAY, i am still very obsessed with Arashi at this moment! shuu38  got 3 weeks study in Japan so happy for her!!! but it also meant that she wont be going to Nikko/Tokyo/Yokohama/Asakusa/Chiba with me! Sads! I gotta go fangirling alone then! Maybe i'll drag my mama along like that freaky girl who's mama bought her tickets to the concert in dome! : ( i want to go to their concert lah! maybe i should start begging people to donate 10 bucks to me. i just need 100 people with SGD10 each. hah. 

when it comes to singing! Ohno tingles my ovaries! Cant wait to see their faces plastered over Haneda Airport on the 17th of November! :) EEEKKKK LESS THAN A MTH! <3 exams in 2 weeks time then its byebye year 3 semester 1. hello japan, hello summer research job! 

Current Mood: bitchy bitchy

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i'm seriously in love with this song! it speak so much of sadness but at the end its like i will move on. : ) (plus the flumpool lead is cho goodlooking as well!) i likes! :D Indie bands have adult lyrics & speaks so much to me! 

My Dai Senpai in Arashi fandom aka shuu38 asked me to watch a vid on Arashi no Jiken and Shukudai-kun Special (2009.03.24) & i love it!!! its super funny the guests are funny and apparently very popular and respected actors in the Japanese entertainment industry! So its very funny how much the Arashi members respect them and they go through lengths to impress their guest! Still got like 5 more parts to download. Internet has been slow lately quite sad ne! 

Happy that accusingpixels  finally accepted my friend request! Hahahaha she thought i was some hen fangirl but please im not okay! I just lead seperate lives. Blogspot for my current life for the world to see, and fandom life for the benefit of fellow fangirls! :D

WOOOOO~~ Tokyo with shuu38  is gonna be amazeballs! Gonna go fangirling in Nikko! Arashi summer special in HnA ep 22/23! Ep 23 is the first episode i've ever watched about Arashi so its gonna be exciting to go to the place where my love for them began! Hahahahaha! i havent been listening to their songs lately, perhaps like overdose alr last month! 

Birthday in 5 day's time so im planning some Arashi themed board game to play during my birthday! Like those in A no Arashi! Nipple shirtzz for the guys and face drawings for girls! Needa get face paint and stuff! IM EXCITED! :D 
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 And so today i was at popular looking through the chinese magazine section in hopes of finding ViVi or Mami having Arashi in their special & just as i was about to leave! HEHEHEEH i saw the Arashi Ideal Summer Date Look Ray July issue! Lucky desu ne! immediately sms shuu38 after getting the magazine! it was really cheap cos its a backdated issue so i was really happy becos of that too! <3 & it was also in chinese so i could read it, DOUBLE YAY! thank god for the rigid 12 years of mother tongue lessons in Singapore & Daddy insisting that we read Chinese newspapers, i could read the not simplified version too! 

Seriously i dont know why photobucket is being a bitch i cant even post it here. : (
My Ichibanss! Collapse )
the rest you can view HERE! stupid photobucket!
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i love oh-chan & sho-chan heart shaped during Music lovers when they sung 輝きを秘めたハートビートin troublemaker! <3 mega love!

i just sent x_processed troublemaker & guessed what! she loves it! ahhhhhh Arashi spreading their love all around! 

today i was lucky & found a Mago mago episode i havent watch yet in my HDD! it was kodomo no bangohan ep 102 i think, with Oh-chan and Aiba-chan! KYYAA~~~ i love it when Ohno fed the little girl his minced meat with various veg wrapped in lettuce! <3 shuu38  and i had a virtual date & we watched it together and sharing our special moments like when the little girl said she wants to help out, Aiba-chan said in a loving agreeable tone, "ii yo~" HUGE LOVE FOR BOTH OF THEM! 

and then i proceed to spend the night watching Arashi Summer special where they went haunted house & sho wasnt there cos he went Beijing olympics. and then i got depressed becos i suddenly realised its the 3rd year in Monash for me, im graduating next semester & i havent been to anywhere on exchange due to my laziness to find out more about the programs we have! They even have exchanges to Waseda, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo Uni. But im in year 3 alr, its my last year & i dont have any chances to go exchange. why didnt i find out about Arashi earlier? im feeling very depressed over missed chances. I could have went to US as well but i didnt becos i didnt check out about the requirements/application becos i was lazy. : ( just wish i made lesser regrets in life. Ah nevermind, i could always save up enough to spend a year studying Japanese in Keio or Waseda after i start working right! : ) Positive thinking!!! Its all fated! Just like Sharon au @ negi.wordpress.com (which reminds me of Aiba cos Aiba loves Negi Ramen right?)! smart girl, ended up in Waseda & still did a year exchange to a uni in Paris & now shes fluent in English, Chinese Mandarin, French and Japanese. Kudos to people who never give up on learning! I hope even as venture into my 30s i would still be actively learning! just like her! 

Uni's gonna be really hectic in the next 3 weeks before i can actually go home for mid-sem break & sneak off to aunt's house in Singapore for awesome high-speed broadband and download all the mago eps im missing & HnA & VS. although its quite a hard journey fangirling overseas, i hope the one day shuu38 wshuhui we would have our chance to watch our favourite Johnny boys live in concert in Japan. :) lets work hard towards this dream!  


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 i got a friend on my msn who's name is Jun. 
& i was thinking how cool is it to have the REALL Matsumoto Jun on IM & waiting  & seeing him pop online would send chills down my spine. AAAHHHHH the realll matsujun. 

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5 + of Matsujun! <3Collapse )
Went dinner with friends in a Japanese Cafe after signing up for Japanese lessons @ a language center! & first magazine i got is Grazia August 2010 with feature of Matsumoto Jun! :D made my day seriously!!!!! :)
i cant read Jap so im hoping someone buys a copy of it and translate! Its a 10 page spread! You guys can view the photos taken with my lousy camera! Suppressed the urge to steal this Magazine home seriously!!!!


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I have so many communities to join so that i can download all my beloved Arashi videos! hmmm today let's talk about how i fell in love with Arashi!

This is one of the first photos Ive seen of Aiba cos it was the profile thumbnail view @ Shud's blogspot. Shud was already in her full blown Arashi craze i dont know how the love started for her thoughhhh. Ahhhhh i was thinking to myself, hmmm so adorable! becos i was in my puppy/dog craze which subsided a little now since Arashi! but i still love Scooby, my 2 yo miniature Schnauzer, very very very much! Then after that, sneaky Shuduan start sneaking Arashi videos especially ones with Aiba in it, the Aiba speaking English on Youtube vid where he start speaking in his PPHAILL Engrish to various animals/people around the world in Safaris and zoo, 大好きです!!! One of the important things i look for in a guy is his kindness towards the people around him and especially Animals! the Pan-kun episodes totally bought me over lah seriously! So, shuduan psychoing me to move over to the Dark side = 大成功です! Ahhhhh its amazing how one can so easily like and support people right!
like Ohno once said, "Fans like Arashi becos they want to feel like they're protecting us right?"
やっぱり, maybe in my heart im just waiting for someone to come along so that i could "protect" them, shower them with my love, like loving another human being or Scooby for instance. That day i read up some Academic journals (HAHHAHAHHA I KNOW SUCH A FREAK RIGHT!) on people worshipping like Jpop Idols. The journal was on Ayumi & how she transcends a lifestyle of youthfulness through the display of her sex appeal or smth like that & what i understand is that hhhmmm people like different Idols because they want them to reflect their principles perhaps?

I still dont know what Arashi mean to me but right now, right now i just love them. How they can be so carefree & just be themselves most of the time even though being in the spotlight is very stressful and requires tons of hard work.
i hope that i will zutto zutto like them, even when i become a Obaasan. Look back in 10 years time, and say something like.... ahhhh, All thanks to Shuduan for making me fall in love with Arashi, it has been a great 10 years loving them! ☆ ☆ \ (^ o ^ ♪
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CAME HOME FROM UNI TODAY AND TADAH! I BOUGHT 僕の見ている風景 FROM YESASIA! the restocked the first press edition! :)

so happy i'll be getting it in 2 weeks time! hope mummy dont keeeelll me but ahhhhh wonders of credit card & online shopping. IM GRINNING EAR TO EAR NOW! just from buying a Arashi cd! material things makes me happy!!

Countdown to Tokyo: 102 Days


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